Thursday, August 04, 2005


It's been over a month since I've jotted down my thoughts. Stop judging me.

There have been three runs of note. The first was the 14-miler, which I described in an email to my mom and then cleverly saved: "today's run kicked my ass. i did everything i know to do...ate a good dinner last night, no booze, went to bed at 10;30, ate breakfast this morning, drank a bunch of water. i guess i was just tired from my busy week. also i had a slight cold this week but i thought i had kicked it. i think that's what did me in. the "designated driver" (person who stays with anyone having trouble) of our group was a guy named owen* the ultra conservative guy. we had some interesting conversation. i don't meet a lot of republicans. it was a tough blow when i had to fall behind today, i'm so stubborn. so i'd say i ended up walking 4 of the 14 miles, which i know is still not that bad. after this we slow our pace down for longer runs which will help me out a ton." The second notable run was the 16-miler, of which there is no written record. I could catagorize it as not as bad as 14 but I have had better runs. The only thing I remember was that when I was done I did have a thought that ohmygod maybe I can actually do this. So I have that going for me. The third run was last week in the Outer Banks when it rained and I broke my iPod, further stregthening the case I should never own anything nice.

So there's the abridged version of the last month of my training. I think the pictures are a nice touch. Chances are if anyone ever did tune in to read this they have long gotten discouraged by the lack of updates. I said, stop judging me.

*name has been changed to protect the ultra conservative guy