Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nov. 28, 1969

As mentioned, it's been a busy month.  But as I sat here, while CavanaghSpawn2.0 slumbers peacefully in her bouncy chair, I thought - Hey why don't I type up one of Mom's letters?  And I'm so glad I did.  This one really tickled me.  I'm going to share the whole, because I think it's so wonderful.  In just a few paragraphs, she shows how she's so innocent - new discoveries about the postal system, cataloging wedding gifts - yet enduring so much as a 21 year old new wife worrying about her husband a million miles away.  And I love love love the postscript.  Side note, I have no idea who Mrs. Giarla, the Petersons, or the Cyrs are.

Nov. 28, 1969

Dear Dick,
    I found out that I don’t have to use air mail stamps.  I’m only paying postage from Salinas to San Francisco.  The rest of the way it goes military.  I may try the same experiment your mom did.
    I got found pieces of silver with the monty the Petersons gave us tonight - a serving fork, a table spoon, a gravy ladle, and sugar spoon.  It came to $81.  I’m sure you can’t get excited about it, but it is nice.
    We also got another wedding gift in the mail - a set of butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, and a bowl - of stainless.  It’s from the Cyrs.  Very nice.
    You know, I just can’t comprehend that you really are so far away.  I think it’s because of last year when you were at Benning and Ord.  I must still think of it in that way.  But Mrs. Giarla was right when she said it would be different.  I miss you more - physically - than I ever did before.  But then I feel that you are here with me - or within me.  I’ve mentioned that.  It’s like something bottled up inside me - sometimes I just want to yell…
    Goodnight my dear sweetie-pie.  Be safe.  I love you very much.
P.S. Why don’t you address my letters to Mrs. R.H.Ray?

Some old photos.

**Note - the photos below are from a while ago - like a month I think.  A lot has changed - kitchen and human being wise.  More on that later.