Friday, September 07, 2012

Catching Up on How Far Will You Go QAL

I have skipped week 4 for the moment.  Hard work makes me quit!  But here are weeks 5 and 6.  These blocks are really starting to pile up!

Happy September

August went by in a bit of a blur.  John spent a week in London for work, so I got a taste of single parenthood.  Luckily the Rupper stayed healthy and I didn't have to work too hard.  And maybe it wasn't the worst thing in the world to have quiet evenings to myself for a few days.

Then we went on sweet sweet vacation.  A road trip to New Hampshire, emphasis on the road.  So much time in the car.  First up was my birthday, which I was able to spend with my dad, brothers, sister-in-law, and nephew.  Which was wonderful. 

Photo credit to John, who has a real knack for catching me at moments where I look batshit crazy.

Next up was Soda Pop's wedding, a wonderful affair for a lovely couple.  Not to be forgotten is the priest's homily, which heavily referenced the happy couple's need to maintain eroticism in their relationship.  Eroticism.  Did I mention the priest is Soda's cousin?  Eroticism.  Soda, if you ever read this, I loved everything about your wedding.  But that made me a little uncomfortable.

My outfit was provided by Pittsburgh Girl.  My first foray into pumps.  The worked!  I wore the for the whole cocktail hour, which is a huge victory for me.  It's John's turn to look a little touched in this photo.  Also to be noted:  I spent an hour curling my hair.  An hour.

A spontaneous play date broke out on Monday.

The Rupper provided his usual creepy staring at the other babies.

Monday night we visited Uncle Thom at Rudi's in Portsmouth and also met up with our friend Drag.  It was a twofer and a great time.

Tuesday we headed up to our family's camp on Lake Winnipesaukee, with only a slight (2 hour) detour so that we could take a little hike.  It was my first outing using the Ergo as a baby backpack.  Pure brilliance. 

The Rupper loved it.  He did not, however, enjoy the beach.  Maybe next year.

On Wednesday, we met up with Roommate For Life & Co.  In a stroke of good luck, they were out visiting from Chicago and were staying at a friend's island on the lake, an island that was only a 10 minute boat ride away.  So the Maxster got his dose of the Rupper's staredown.

 Obligatory kitchen sink bath at camp:

 Back to North Hampton on Friday, took the opportunity to take another little hike.  Waterfalls!

Friday night, Dad and Jean took over baby sitting duties so that John and I could take in a baseball game at Fenway park.  What a treat.  At this point in the week, I was tired of taking photos.  So there aren't any more.  The Red Sox are terrible right now so the atmosphere was something less than electric.  But they did win, so that was something.

Saturday brought another play date with the Rochester Rays.  So cute to see the cousins chase each other around.  You'll have to take my word for it.  There are no photos.

A great vacation.  I would improve on very little.  New Hampshire in the summertime is such a lovely place.  Even at it's hottest and muggiest, it pales in comparison to the DC oppression.  It was so nice to go outside and not immediately burst out into sweat.  Lots of friends, lots of family time.  Can't wait for Christmas until I can go home again.