Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Friends w/ Kids x2

Ahhh... a much needed rest from the never ending tasks of a Woman Home Alone.  Pittsburgh came over tonight and we ordered Thai food, drank a little Argentinian wine and watched "Friends with Kids."  I watched it last week but was more than happy to view it a second time.  Neither of us was disappointed.  The Viking remained silent this evening and I'm glad it did.  My instincts are always to spend every alone moment working.  Yes, they are personal project and no, there are no deadlines so no real sense of urgency.  But sometimes it's nice to not have anything to think about but being happy for the career of Adam Scott, and wonder whether Jon Hamm is ever going to give the ladies what they want and play a traditional leading man role.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When the Cat's Away the Mouse Will Sew

Here is this week's addition to my How Far Will You Go QAL project - the Weathervane block.  Pretty smart looking, though I'm a little worried about how the edges line up - or don't, as the case may be.  But worrying is about as far as I'm willing to go to fix it.

Here is a heap of blocks that are to be the basis for my contribution to 100 Quilts for Kids.  They are string blocks that are being made out of leftover fabric from a quilt that I made for Priest Girl when she left for her priestly studies in England.
And this is the latest block for my t-shirt quilt.  I went to Park City, Utah with College Boyfriend.  We visited his brother who was playing ski bum for a year (something I will totally do in my next life).  Ski Bum worked 2 days a week at Texas Red's in order to fund his bumming.  It was a nice trip.  I remember drinking Rumplemintz and playing beer pong.  And meeting a Mormon who didn't know what AAA was.  I never much liked this shirt, the decal has a strong rubbery smell that hasn't washed out over the 11 years that I've had it. 

I made a whole bunch of strip sets from this super cute and cuddly flannel fabric in the hopes that someday soon I will turn them into a cozy little quilt.

And here is The Rupper looking Very Serious.  It's just me and him this week as John has been called away on very important business in London.  Not Olympic related.  Which explains why I've had so much time to sew.  And yet it's still never enough, is it?