Saturday, March 22, 2014

All Pinned Up

I've had this snowman top in my possession for almost three years now.  It's a part of the pieces of Candy collection, one of the last almost completed projects she left behind.  All I had to do was add buttons to the snowmen (eyes, noses, smiles), quilt it, bind it.  Apparently, easier said than done.  But here was are, one step closer.  I have no idea how I am going to go about quilting it, maybe that's been what has put me off.  We shall see.

The truth is, there has not been much crafting going on over the past few weeks.  I am the circle of life embodied.  And either side you look at is tiring enough, but birth and death happening at once is downright exhausting.  Nausea, heartburn, trying to keep up with a two year old on one hand... hospice, funeral arrangements and trying to keep up with a two year old on the other.

My uncle had a good line.
"It's like someone telling you that the Atlantic Ocean isn't there anymore."
Pretty much sums it up.