Sunday, February 02, 2014

I'm Being Too Hard On Myself, Right?

Unless the answer is yes, don't answer that.  I love the idea of sewing up a million pairs of soft baby shoes.  But every time I give it a go, I find myself so incredible frustrated.  They come out all lumpy and bunchy.  The picture on the tutorial!  It looks so perfect!  Sewing round edges is such a pain in the ass and it seems like I can never seem to get them to lay right.  And it's not like you can get in there and iron out any little imperfections.  Sigh.  Try, try again, I guess.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

A Mistake Becomes A Revelation

That moment when you realize you just spent 20 minutes sewing the binding on to a quilt that needs to be done TONIGHT... to the wrong side of the quilt.  Panic.  Rage.  Regret you even chose this hobby.  And then... wait a second.  Instead of hand stitching the binding to the backing of the quilt... why don't you just fold it over and topstitch the binding to the front of the quilt.  Saving approximately 1 quadrillion hours of time and frustration.  Mind: blown.

Debut of Urban Zoologie monkey print.  Love those little bastards.

Finished quilting this one tonight.  It's the sister to the Bayside Baby Boy's quilt (that I believe I was too lazy to take a picture of).  So the next time one of my reproductive friends creates a girl human, I will be ahead of the game. 

Also, pancakes with attitude: