Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello, Old Friend

I'm back! Did you see my last post has 4(!) comments. No matter that they are either dudes trying to get me to check out their own blogs or "News Fr0m The Timber Industry," obviously I've still got it and the people, they want it!

Seven short years have passed since I last checked in. A few small lifestyle changes have occurred in that time. Got married. Got a house. Got knocked up. Life is going by in the blink of an eye. Except for the first 3 months of my son's life, which somehow managed to last for 3 years. Odd how that worked. Sometimes I feel like I've got it all worked out, then other times I feel like I'm being swallowed alive. Much, I'm sure, that same way that most other modern ladies feel.

I don't run all that much anymore, it's on the ever lengthening list of things I'm totally going to make time for. Along with music, sewing, cooking, yoga, reading, writing regular letters to my grandmother and making regular phone calls to my brothers.

Sometimes I wonder that if I can just get the thoughts swirling around in my head to come out, to solidify, then maybe I can get some clarity and I can move on and actually become productive. That's kind of what I'm hoping this blog will do... bring clarity. And also to distract me from my work.

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