Monday, November 14, 2016

A Little Escape

John is out of town for the week.  While I miss his company and his cooking, it's not the worst to have a few quiet hours to myself in the evening.  Quiet is not exactly the appropriate word, since a good amount of that time was spent with the sewing machine at full tilt.  It gave me something to do besides repeatedly check my Facebook and Twitter feeds and refresh various news outlet websites waiting to find some nugget of hope to hang onto.  I felt like I had a handle on something, was in control of something, and could make actual real tangible progress on something.  Because right now the rest of it feels like a real freaking mess.  The train went off the rails and I don't know who to look to for guidance as to how to put it back.  One thing I've learned and know for sure is that time will heal, that pain will fade.  But my worry is that the pain is not over yet.  Every time it seems we're at rock bottom, the trap door opens and down we go.  I know it will be okay, that we will survive this.  But the journey is not one I'm particularly looking forward to.

But.  Quilts.  Quilts for cute babies of wonderful friends.  New beginnings, fresh starts, hopeful futures.  The sun will rise in the morning.

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