Monday, May 23, 2005

Week 4

I wish so badly that I could have recorded my running inner monologue while I trained this week. Not only did I train by myself, since I was out of town over the weekend, it was pouring down rain. Like buckets. Like the thing that I remember thinking the most was "it can NOT get any worse than this." Other thoughts included congratulating myself on investing in non-cotton running wear and that after finishing fundraising for AIDS foundation I am going to have to fundraise for the Ali's Pneumonia Foundation. Song of the week stuck in my head: "Pay for what you get" by Dave Mathews. Just awful. I will say that at least the weather gave me something to think about besides just the running. I avoided stepping in puddles, which lasted about 30 seconds. Turned out that stepping ankle deep in cold water really wakes you up. But I did it, 6 miles, all on my own, in the rain. It cannot get much worse than that.

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Dave Solomon said...

Ali Ray was so hot this Tuesday at "drag queen bingo". All that running really paid off when she got to scream "Bingo!" and sprint up and claim her prize from GiGi, a new 8 piece acrylic tumbler set. Woohoo! Shake your thing Ali!!!