Saturday, May 28, 2005

Week 5

Today I got to know my pace group a little better. My pace group is called the Cathy O'Brien's, for no apparent reason. There is no one named Cathy O'Brien in the group, at least not that I've seen. I wish we were called the Tigers or something tough like that. Everyone made a bunch of small talk today. My favorite guy was Craig, who mentioned that after runs he likes to reward himself by smoking a cigar. He wondered out loud whether his lifestyle and training for a marathon might be a clash of interests. I'll be keeping an eye on Craig. The run itself was great. That was the one upside of the Red Sox defeat last night. It depressed me so much that I was in bed, completely sober, at 11 o'clock. WHY DID SVEUM SEND THEM HOME?? WHY??? But I digress, top form today. First rate 7 miles.

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