Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Week 7

Great run this week. Really it could be said that I was powered by the strength of cheesey 80's classic "Xanadu," viewed Friday night while eating pizza and drinking Gatorade. Why did leg warmers ever go out of style. And who knew that Olivia Newton John's ankle's were so chubby. The weather for the 10 mile run was perfect. Perfect. I was even a little chilly when I left my apartment. Seriously, running 10 miles on Saturday was easier than running on Monday in 98% humidty and 90 degree heat. A guy in my group is from Canton, Mass. so I think about half of the run was spent talking about the Sox. Which never hurts, they are always kind of my fall back running thought when I'm bored or just want the time to pass. Total running time: 1 hour 50 min. That means next week we'll be clocking over two hours. Yikes. My group is starting to bond a bit which is nice, I've almost got it figured out who everyone is.

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