Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ali Reads Blogs

I am a video editor, which means that I am best at taking other people's work (soundbites, b-roll) and picking out the best stuff, repackaging it and making it something new. Here I am, diving into a blog called "A Blood Recollection" ( and in the first post I am finding tidbits that I looooove. So I'm going to lift them, to add them to what I like to think of as the scrapbook of my brain (an extension of pinterest). It's a way to start, anyway.

 "I seem to have inherited something of an almost biological imperative to craft, and now quilt."

I should have started this years ago. Years and years and years. I am by no means a prolific crafter, but I never stop. There's always some project that is in progress, or ideas for projects floating around in my brain. I should have documented all of my work instead of the small and haphazardly organized collection of flickr photos that I have managed to cull together.

Here is my first quilt. Cuteness. This photo was take on January 16, 2005 (thank you, metadata).

T-Shirt Quilt: Will I ever make one? I've pulled the t-shirts, they sit in my closet. Some day... Some day... That's all for now. Off to pick up the Rupper from daycare, followed by Wednesday Night Dinner at Grandaddy and Papa Tom's house.

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natalie.leppard said...

Aren't you sweet! I'm happy you found something on my blog that reached out to you! And I look forward to reading about your sewing adventures :)