Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ali Rehashes Old Projects

Above you see a table runner created in December of 2005 for Grandaddy and Papa Tom (way back when they were just Mike and Tom).  The key to this runner was the cheapness of the fabics.  So very cheap.  But I counted on the thought counting and I think in the end it did.  They trot it out every once in a while and that pleases me.  While I have learned the lesson that it is better to pony up the cash and make things out of nice material, I always have to resist the temptation to just scoop up the crap on sale.  This extends to other portions of my life.  Clothing, house decor.  Luckily, not people.  The people in my life are made of only the finest quality.  So I guess that's something.

These three little balls of yarn were used to make an Italian flag scarf for Eddie Bagels.  It was 6-ish years ago, but I remember them getting all looped around each other and it being a huge pain in the ass.  Much like Mr. Bagels himself.  But so worth it.  Plus you get a good look at the previously mentioned First Quilt, as well as a peak at the top of another quilt that I need to take a proper photo of.  It's on the list...


Time for one more past victory.  The quilted hooded duck blanket.  My first go at free hand stitching.  I thought it turned out quite well - I was going to make a million of these!  I made one.  6 years ago.  For a person I am not particularly friends with (except on FB.  So, you know, super close).  I do remember the fabric being cheap.  In this case, though, it worked.  Flannels and solids are so forgiving in that way.

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natalie.leppard said...

That hooded quilt is super cute and a great idea! I may have to borrow it :)