Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How I Spent My Hurricane Weekend

Is that like a vampire weekend?  Dunno.  Anyway I pulled out a project from the Momma pile.  This was one that she bought but hadn't started yet.  My brother and his wife have announced that they will be expecting another Ray bundle of human in June, so I thought why not get a jump on my Very Thoughtful Baby Gift.  Here's the top:
One strange outcome: everything measured perfectly and the star squares have nice sharp points, and yet those parts of the top are a good 1/2 inch longer than the panels turned out.  Either I did something wrong or the measurements in the directions are wrong.  And we'll never know because there's no way I'm spending time figuring it out.  There are a few more layers of borders left to do, but it was amazing that I managed to get this much done this weekend.

And we came out of the storm unscathed, for which I am very grateful.  A small leak in the wall.  I'll take it.  Looking at the devastation other have experienced breaks my heart and I just hope those people can find some peace and can move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Also, the Rupper is cute.

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