Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh Right... This Old Thing

I'm not sure what it is about blogging/journaling of any kind that makes the writer feel the need to apologize when she has not written anything in a while.  Perhaps just the need to start somewhere?  Because it's certainly not for the benefit of the reader, according to my page visit count. 

So September happened.  I spent half of it as a single parent, as John was called away on Very Important Business in London.  Oh, the life of a Discovery Channel coordinating producer.  It's all ice cream socials and Bagel Wednesdays.  The Rupper took it pretty easy on me in his father's absence.  There were full nights of sleep, good moods, and only one instance of vomiting. 

We went to a tailgate for the William and Mary vs. Maryland football game.  In a stunning upset, the Rupper won the "spirit" award, which turned out to be a book about our beloved alma mater published in 1994.  Hot, hot, hot.  I'd like to think it was the homemade onesie created by yours truly that put him over the top.

I give up trying to format photos. 

Let's see, what else... oh yes, the big birthday party.  We celebrated the Rupper's first year of survival with a "preppy alligator" themed party.  I may have enjoyed myself too much.

Not very impressed with his banana cream cake.

And here we are in October.  We were invited to a wedding in Telluride, Co so we got to impose the Rupper on a very excited Grammy C and Auntie E.  Everybody won.  John and I got to live the wild childless lifestyle for a few days, and they were able to hang out with the Rupper without the every watchful eye of his mother keeping track of every movement.  It was so nice to be able to fully listen to friends when they spoke to me and be able to respond without having to interrupt myself to save the Rupper from impending doom, or carry around a baby monitor.  Ahhh.  Mental note:  get invited to more weddings in the middle of nowhere.

Self Portrait in a Gondola

So there's that.  Crafts?  Yeah, sure there were crafts. 

Pillow Case Dresses: fun!

This is my 100 Quilts for Kids creation.  Now I need to just my act together to send it somewhere.

Apron for my friend Kate.  She loved it and put in on instantly upon receipt.  She was drunk, but whatever.
A little bag also for Kate.  She seemed less impressed with this gift.  But I also gave her some gin, so it all worked out.

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