Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kitchen Continued

More kitchen fun.  But now we have a floor and a frame for a closet.  So that's not nothing.

 After much prodding, I have been assured that they "should" be able to finish up by September 14.  How that could possibly be possible, I have no idea.  But the term "cruising" was thrown out there, as in from this point on the crew will be "cruising."  I think just showing up everyday might be a nice start.  I'm hoping that in 3 weeks, this frustration will all be a distant memory and CavanaghSpawn2.0 will be coming home to a functional household. I just need to figure out who can give us a ride.

In other news, we took another trip to the farm.  The weather was rainy most of Saturday and on Sunday I woke up with some horrible allergies, but I did get a few pics of the Rupper and his BFF Louis.

Work it.

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