Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On-truck-chin - Day 2

The construction crew graciously decided to come back today after being absent Friday and Monday.  4 weeks and counting.  Tick, tick, tick.  I knew that this had potential to be a bad idea, let's hope it doesn't completely make me insane.  I wonder, are all contractors like this?  Did I get fooled into thinking that these guys would be different?  The lack of communication is staggering.  Messages unreturned, promises unfulfilled.  I'm sure I will love everything in the end and will be happy, but in the meantime having my living room overrun with appliances and just hoping beyond hope that CavanaghSpawn2.0 stays put til she's supposed to is driving me a bit mad.  Anyway.  Photos.

Good bye, sink.  We'll miss you the most.

No more dish nook.  Soon that whole wall should be gone.

No more weird wooden wall.  And more important, the world's grossest carpet is up!

View through the look through - all the way to the back wall.

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