Friday, August 22, 2014

More Kitchen Fun

Some updated photos of the very slow construction process:

First batch:

Second batch (from this morning):

The main things I see done is that they've built out the back wall to even that out, ripped out some of the wall presumably to extend the plumbing to the corner, started the framing of building up the floor in the back, and (not pictured) ripped out the ceiling in the back in an effort to even out that space between the existing kitchen and the back.

I've given up the dream that this project will be anywhere near done by the time CavanaghSpawn2.0 arrives in early September (2.5 weeks.. tick tick tick).  Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised?  I highly doubt it.  3 days ago I informed the project manager and his boss that they will need to suspend work when she arrives.  No word back.

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