Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ali finally finishes something

2 things, actually.  Here's the first:

This here pacifier clip is going to go with the blue and yellow quilt currently in progress for the yet to be born Swets Thing 1.  Progress on that quilt and the pink and green quilt for Swets Thing 2 has been laughably slow.  They were starting in April.  They are not complicated. Ah well.  I'd been wanting to make a paci clip for a while, since it is one of the most useful inventions of all time.  It took some doing to figure out what I could find to make the loop.  Since I don't get out to brick and mortar stores all that much anymore, I relied on internet descriptions and ordered a few products that weren't quite what the doctor ordered.  Finally I happened upon some silk rat tail cord which seems to be doing the trick.  Unfortunate name for a nice product.

Before I share the 2nd thing I finished, above a few happy pics of cute guitar fabric that I Amazon'd while working last Saturday (Treat Yo Self), a few scraps thrown in by the good folk at ShuShu Style, and Angry Cat making use of The Rupper's playmat.

This item can be filed under the good new/bad news category.  Good news:  I finished this beautiful quilt.  Bad news: The top to this quilt was created by my mom and left unfinished.  It's just one of so many projects that I found in her craft room after her memorial service.  Half a dozen were in progress, and she had bought fabric for at least another dozen projects of various sorts.  I remember one day hanging out with her in that room (which used to be my bedroom, before that my brother's room, before that my parents' bedroom) and she said half joking, this will all be yours when I'm dead.  And so it is.  I've committed myself to finishing each and every project she set out to make.  An honor, a legacy.  This is the second thing I've finished - for Christmas I made a little cupcake mini quilt for my sister-in-law.  There was no indication that she had meant it for Kim, but there was no doubt in my mind.  So back to the good news: I had an epiphany today that I would send this quilt to my Uncle Jim (my dad's brother).  Bad news:  I thought of sending this to Jim because he's stuck in the hospital with hepatitis.  Dragsville.  But hopefully the quilt will cheer him a bit, and it makes me feel good that it will go to a good home.

I'm new to the quilt labeling game.  Needs improvement.  A well placed little star helps balance out the poorly centered inscription.

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