Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilt Received!

Here is my Uncle Jim modeling the quilt.  Waiting for him to receive this was like reverse Christmas - I was so impatient!  He and my Aunt Paulie gave me a call to thank me and Paulie said that when she opened the box and saw the quilt, her first thought was about my mom, how much she liked batiks.

While my first instinct is to hoard any and everything that ever came into contact with my mom, I am so happy that this quilt could be with people who loved her - hell, they knew her longer than I did.  It was hard to let go but I know that this is the best place for it to be.

Paulie posted this photo to Facebook and a lot of people I don't know made some very nice comments about the quilt.  But my father left a note that sums it up perfectly:

"Even almost a year after her passing, the beautiful, loving spirit of Candice continues to shine through her handwork and through the thoughtful qualities she instilled in our children."

My dad is awesome.

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