Friday, July 13, 2012

My Evening

A quick word on what I did tonight.  First is I fully finished 3 out of the 12 napkins that will be a birthday gift for my father-in-law.  I love the way they are turning out.  I'm using a pattern posted by Molly on the Purl Bee and made them with Shades of Grey by Daisy Janie fabric I picked up on Stitch Steals.  This is my first time using a bias tape maker - so intimidating at first but so so easy.  Thank goodness for internet videos.

The napkins went up pretty quick, but there was a fair amount of pinning involved.  I'm not a huge fan of pinning, most to my detriment.  But I was a good girl and pinned the binding to the main fabric within an inch of its like and I'm pleased to say that I think it really made a difference.

The last 9 are so close to being finished.  I would have had them done tonight, but a certain little man decided to wake up and have a melt down in his crib that took some tending to. 

Next up my first t-shirt quilt block!  It's all happening. I enjoyed the memories provided by my old t-shirts while I was cutting them up.  This was from John's fraternity's philanthropy event from our senior year in college.  Each frat boy was in charge of coaching a team of sorority girls for a flag football tournament.  I wasn't in a sorority, but my Roommate For Life was and so I joined her team.  When we got together for the first practice, it was obvious I was the only one who had ever touched a football before and I was made star running back.  Which was thrilling as I have never exactly been celebrated for my athletic prowess.  Long, long, long story short - there *may* have been some partaking of some delicious adult beverages (Sprite and Bicardi Limon) in preparation for our first game and within 15 minutes I had broken my arm.  Ah, college.

I have no real plan for how this quilt is going to take shape, which is a big deal for me.  I've never been one to just make stuff up.  I'm perfectly creative, but I like guidelines.  But block #1 is done, it is 15 inches square and is ready for more to join it!

Sadly this weekend won't see me doing a lot of sewing but it will find me flying to Boston for my friend Soda's bachelorette party!  First night away from the Rupper... I know I'm going to have fun but will miss waking up in the morning and walking down the hall to see his sweet face.

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